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When investigating crimes, a large array of data against suspects is collected by technical means of surveillance. It is necessary to process these data with high accuracy and single out only those that testify to the committed crime and will also help identify accomplices.

The main problem is not to miss anything important. It is not so much the processing time that plays a role here, but the accuracy and reliability of data processing. It should be possible to quickly and conveniently adjust the processing results to correct any errors or inaccuracies found.

The main purpose of using Harvester: to speed up the processing of large data sets, filter out unnecessary data, categorize the results by topic, keywords and persons.

Solution description & benefits 

The Harvester can select information related only to a certain person, company or targeted topic among huge amount of data noise generated every minute by various online media and social networks.
It can also be used for processing data extracted by special apps – social media crawlers (e.g. CrowdTangle, TwitterDeck, Semantrum, etc.) used for surfing along social networks and other media. The Harvester can boost processing of large data sets, filter out unnecessary data, categorize the results by topic, keywords and persons. The crawlers normally segregates and downloads searched data in text format files (.xls, .xlsx, .txt, .doc, .docx, .svd).


Users can add their own sources for monitoring

YouTube channels, online news platforms, etc).


The Harvester provides 24/7 monitoring of multiple media resources in a row

and receives data with the moment something specific is said or a certain person or object appears on screen.


All videos are checked for the presence of the target person

If the files meet the specified criteria, they are submitted for further processing and analysis.


All audio is analyzed for the presence of a specific speaker

If there is a speech of a particular person they are submitted for further processing and analysis


Also all audio files with recorded human speech could be converted into text


All text files could be searched for critical words specified by the operator

The more different combinations of such words a file contains, the higher its rank


Moreover, all text files could be processed by automatic Sentiment analysis, Summarization & Categorization as per predefined topics


The User receives a categorized database with only relevant information on the specific person, company or topic

Then he can cross-check the information from the text, audio and video files


Essential to note that the Users can adjust automated alerts and filterings

for avoiding irrelevant mentions


The Harvester allows working with different languages at the same time and translating any audio speech and text content into the other languages

By monitoring media outlets with the Harvester you could gain relevant insights and meaningful information about topics of your interest. Know what, how, when and where speakers say about a person, brand or topic you are interested in.

The Harvester makes a much easier and quicker process of monitoring what is published on online media and social networks.

Key Technologies 


Face recognition

Object Video Analysis

Speaker Recognition

Speech to text


Keyword spotting

Text Summarization

miscellaneous 53 final

Text Categorization


Portrait Analysis


Speaker Recognition


Speech Language Identification


Text Language Identification


Gender Identification


Speech-to-Text Transcription (S2T)


Machine Text Translation


Semantic Comparison


Named Entity Recognition


Text Topic Clustering


Keyword Solidity


Text Extraction 


Frame Extraction

Data types

Video & Images

● recognition of a person on the face (identification/verification) and analysis of portrait characteristics● people search● objects search and detection


● recognition of a person by voice (identification/verification)● speech transcription (audio to text conversion)● retraining of language models for transcription● speaker language identification in audio● determining the gender of a person in audio


● language identification● translation of text documents● keyword spotting● sentiment analysis● text document summarization● named entity recognition● text documents● categorization by predefined topics

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