Solution for Smart Prisons. Investigation of crimes

Rapid detection of suspicious and illegal actions or criminal intent to ensure the people's safety and prevent crimes inside prisons


Smart prisons are also known as correctional facilities that leverage advanced technology to improve security, manage inmate behavior, and enhance rehabilitation efforts. These kind of facilities could use a combination of surveillance systems, biometrics, data analytics, automation, and communication networks to monitor and manage properly inmates and prison operations.

Inmate tracking and identification: facial recognition and fingerprint scanning can be used to accurately identify and track inmates when they enter, moving inside and exit the prison, during headcounts, and when they access different areas of the facility.

Visitor identification: identify visitors entering the prison. This can help ensure only authorized visitors trespassing, and it can also prevent the use of false identities or phone calls control to prevent smuggling into the facility.

Access Control: control access to different areas within the prison. For instance, only authorized personnel can access areas such as the control room, medical facilities, or storage areas.

Medical Identification: can be used to accurately identify inmates during medical procedures, ensure that the correct medication is administered, and prevent medical errors.

Biometrics in smart prisons refer to the use of unique physiological or behavioral characteristics of individuals for identification and access control purposes within a prison environment. This can include features such as fingerprints, iris patterns, facial recognition, voice recognition, or even DNA analysis.

Solution description & benefits

The Harvester provides a set of biometric technologies to improve security, safety, and efficiency within smart prisons as follows:


Record and analyze of inmates live (phone) conversations

to prevent restricted actions


Identify the speaker, transcribe in-house recorded conversations and perform keyword spotting

 for further categorizing by topics and sentiment analysis


Detects the presence of prisoners in restricted area

using face recognition and people detection


Detects the presence of prohibited items

on the prison premises


Detects conversations about prohibited topics

or planning criminal activities


Categorizes conversations by topic

and conducts sentiment analysis


Detects suspicious persons 

around the prison


Harvester allows to set up automatic alarms

when people are detected in the prohibited area or conversations on prohibited topics are carried out


Provides an opportunity to investigate crimes 

when people are detected in the prohibited area or conversations on prohibited topics are carried out


It is possible to track the location of prisoners

at a certain point in time


If there are prisoners from different countries, Harvester could translate their conversations into another language

and analyze them for criminal intent detection

Key Technologies 


Face recognition

Object detection

Speaker identification

Speech to text


Keyword spotting


miscellaneous 53 final



Sentiment analysis

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Data types

Video & Images

● recognition of a person on the face (identification/verification) and analysis of portrait characteristics● people search● objects search and detection


● recognition of a person by voice (identification/verification)● speech transcription (audio to text conversion)● retraining of language models for transcription● speaker language identification in audio● determining the gender of a person in audio


● language identification● translation of text documents● keyword spotting● sentiment analysis● text document summarization● named entity recognition● text documents● categorization by predefined topics

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